What is Yoga Therapy?


Yoga Therapy is the evidence based** application of ancient yoga practices designed to empower the individual to face both physical and mental / emotional health challenges in a holistic way. It is an individualised, one-on-one process where the student is guided through a suitable practice by a fully trained* Yoga Therapist after a comprehensive consultation. The practices may include activities such as customised yoga postures, breath exercises, mindfulness practices, mantras and relaxation exercises. The length of the practice is dependent on the individual’s lifestyle and timeframe. A yoga therapist is not qualified to make a diagnosis or prescribe any treatments other than yoga practice to help individuals.

The student is expected to practice at home and be guided along the way by the therapist. The practice evolves with the progress of the student based on an ongoing assessment and feedback process.  Yoga Therapy is an ideal adjunct to other therapies, as well as a stand alone therapy for many conditions and has been shown in studies to improve treatment outcomes. A yoga therapist will work with other health practitioners in helping you to manage your issues. Some of the issues may include back pain, joint problems, asthma, anxiety & insomnia, just to name a few.

Tracy has a Bachelor of Nursing degree and is a certified Yoga Therapist and a committee member of the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists now affiliated with Yoga Australia.

One on one sessions are available by appointment. Please see contact info.

          Cost:                                 Block of ***3 sessions with home practice $280.

                                                    One session with home practice $185 (2.5 hours).

                                                   Follow up sessions $75 per hour.

I am often asked what the difference between a one on one yoga session and a yoga therapy session is...

The difference between a yoga therapy session and a one on one yoga session is that a one on one class will resemble a regular yoga class with some variations to suit the individual needs. Yoga Therapy on the other hand may not resemble a regular yoga class in that the client presents with a particular pathology or limitation which requires precise individualised care. The situation may be that the client is undergoing treatment for certain health situations and Yoga Therapy can enhance the effectiveness of such treatments, or the client may have tried many things and needs to explore other ways of managing their health. Although the results are taking time to filter down into mainstream medicine, peer reviewed studies are showing that yoga therapy** is a potentially effective modality. It is even used in hospital situations in some parts of the world. All of the practices of yoga are used, not just postures. There will be a take home practice individually designed for the student and follow up with the teacher being available for phone or email guidance.


*A Yoga Therapist is a yoga teacher who has successfully completed a specialist post-graduate training in Yoga Therapy and is recognised by a professional association that has clear membership standards consistent with worldwide Yoga Therapy practice.

  **Scientific studies continue to show the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices. Yoga Therapy is in it's infancy, but is fast becoming recognised by mainstream medicine as a legitimate healing modality. Click Here

 ***First session 120-150 minutes, subsequent sessions 60-75 minutes with modification to home practice. 

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