Basic Sleep Hygiene:

  • Avoid heavy meal before bed. Consider having main meal at lunch or before sunset.

  • Avoid Alcohol. Yes, it can make you sleepy but the sleep will lack essential phases which is partly why you have no energy in the morning.

  • Turn lights off/down after sunset. Consider using red light bulbs in lamps.

  • Watch the sunset if possible.

  • Use sleep mask if light is present in bedroom.

  • Avoid screens…computer and TV...after sunset. If unavoidable, use night setting and turn down brightness. 

  • Don’t watch TV or work on computer in the bedroom. Make the bed a sacred place.

  • Have a warm shower or bath with lavender oil before bed. Have yoga practice for sleep after shower.

  • A self massage with black sesame oil, paying attention to the feet, before bed can be helpful.

  • Have a regular night time routine. Routine behaviour puts the nervous system at ease.

  • Turn WiFi off at night. Phone on airplane mode.

  • Consider listening to a relaxation podcast or recording in bed before drifting off.

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