Dr. Vidwan Vijaya Kumar coming to Maleny Mountain Yoga

Guruji has been granted a visa at last and is coming to us from India on Thursday June 22nd, 2017. We are so excited about the arrival of our friend and teacher from Pandeshwar in the southern state of Kerala, India.

Dr. Vijaya Manja has a PhD in Yoga Studies, is a Brahmin priest who has been raised in a family of yogis with ties to Krishnamacharya. He studied in a famous gurukula of Sringeri and in Mysore Sanskrit College from where he graduated with a vidvan degree in Nyaya and Vedanta philosophies. He has been travelling and teaching around Asia and Europe, but this is his first trip to Australia. He is a scholar, a yogi, a priest and a householder and runs his own yogagurukula in Pandeshwar, Sastan, where we stayed last year. All students who stay with Guruji are encouraged to contribute to the local community. Guruji is proactive in his area and is working towards a sustainable environment by setting up a plastic recycling plant on his property. Any donations toward this would be gratefully accepted but are by no means expected.

He will be holding various workshops and a retreat while he is in Australia. (If you are interested in the retreat in Eumundi or any of the workshops in Brisbane, please contact us).

We are also looking forward to introducing Guruji to the delicate art of Surfing!

He will be conducting a Pooja (spiritual ceremony) here at MMYoga, followed by a yoga philosophy class. All are welcome to come and meet this lovely man and deepen your yoga knowledge.

Date: Thursday 22nd June, 2017 Time: 6pm-8pm. Cost: $35... All money goes to Vijaya to assist with his travel costs, so this is a non-profit event.

If you are interested in staying in the loop, please just send “YES” via text or email to us.

Retreat details:


23-25 June in Belli Park (near Eumundi)

Facility: Bellbunya (Click for more info)

114 Browns Road Belli Park Queensland 4562

Fee: $500

($400 for the people who are doing the full intensive course -both asana and philosophy classes- in Brisbane)

What's included:

- All the meals (Friday- dinner, Saturday- breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday- breakfast and lunch)

*All the meals will be all vegetarian meals. Most of the vegetables are grown in the Bellbunya facility.

- Shared room (it will be twin, double or share with 4 people)

- Japa mala will be given to each participant

Retreat itinerary

Friday, 23 June

Everyone gets there by 4pm.

5pm- Program starts with Opening ceremony

5:45pm- Dinner

7:00pm- Japa and meditation

Saturday, 24 June

5:30am Japa

6:00am Asana practice

9:00am Breakfast

10:30am Lecture on “Abhyasa” (Practice) and “Viaragya” (Dispassion)

1:30pm Lunch

4:00pm (Continuation of the lecture) Chanting

6:00pm Dinner

7:30pm Meditation

Sunday, 25 June

5:30am Japa

6:00am Asana practice

9:00am Breakfast


1:30pm Lunch

2:45pm Closing ceremony

3:00pm End of the retreat

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