Beginners/Spinal Health Yoga Class

Are you looking for a gentle yoga class that caters to absolute beginners? Do you have back problems? Would you like to learn to prevent them? Are you recovering from a back injury* and need to move and stretch gently? Yoga teacher Tracy Wootton is a retired RN with a postgrad certificate in yoga therapy and has an interest in postural alignment. This yoga class is designed to teach the basics of optimum breathing and movement techniques without straining or aggravating old injuries. “No pain, no gain” is not the motto! Relaxation is also a part of this class.

Back discomfort is so commonplace, and yogis are certainly not excluded from this, in fact, incorrect alignment can create, and exacerbate problems. Coming back to correct breathing and simple movement/postural correction and awareness is often all that is needed to change the direction of our trajectory towards a cripplingly painful old age.

This class is short, to the point and does not involve you feeling sore tomorrow. We work on awareness…of breath, of deep supporting muscles, of our pelvic alignment and our common postural misalignment habits, that we can change. And most important…how to RELAX!

Thursday evenings 6pm-7pm. $10

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