The most difficult pose in yoga.

After reading the title, you are probably thinking of some pretzel shape that only a circus performer can achieve. Actually the most difficult pose is nothing anyone can’t physically do, but it seems to be skipped or skimmed over more than any other posture.

Savasana, a sanskrit word pronounced “shavasna”, meaning "corpse posture", is the final pose in any asana sequence. After the body and mind have been challenged on the mat, it’s important to integrate the practice and fully experience the relaxation that comes so naturally after such intensity. It’s time to let go physically and mentally during Savasana. And yes, there is proper alignment required here just as with any posture, and your teacher may adjust you to enable you to relax even deeper. It is like a deep sigh for the body/mind. It allows

time for your brain to remember and integrate the “intelligence” gained during the postures and to allow the body temperature and heart rate to come back to normal. 10 minutes of Savasana is as good as a power nap.

However, strangely enough, it is so common for people to skip this practice citing “too much to do” as the culprit robbing them of this magical opportunity to do absolutely nothing. It is amazing how difficult it can be for us to find 10 minutes out of our day to give ourselves permission to fully relax when the benefits are so numerous. I have a yogi friend who boasts 3 minutes as her record Savasana time indulgence and rarely gives it 3 seconds! Sometimes our busy lives really do beckon, and we feel that there is just no time to relax, but just a few minutes are better than none. Some proven benefits of relaxation are: lowered blood pressure, better sleep, lowered anxiety, better able to “cope” and better concentration just to name a few. It’s better to cut 5-10 minutes from your asana practice to give yourself time for Savasana.

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