The Magic of Mysore Practice

Mysore is the name of the city in southern India where Pattabhi Jois,

the head of the ashtanga yoga lineage, taught until his recent death. His grandson, Sharath, is now head of the center. "Mysore style" (as opposed to a led class) has come to mean an independent practice with students starting at different times (and

frequently doing different Ashtanga series). Often there is a teacher wandering around and adjusting where necessary.

What I really love about Ashtanga Yoga asana practice is the scope for independent home practice. There is no need to nut out a sequence before you begin, and if you have the sequence and method memorised, you can practically practice anywhere, anytime. Yoga in an airport during a stop over has saved me many times. My friend Jen and I practiced the standing sequence near the galley on a flight to Japan once or twice as well!

At our classes at Maleny Mountain Yoga, the goal is to teach Ashtanga asana practice to students so they can practise safely on their own at a Mysore class (or in an airport!) When they are “Mysore ready” they are guided to the Shala at Beechwood road or here at the studio for Mysore sessions, only coming back to lead classes as needed to be further refined and aligned. I also recommend an Iyengar class now and again to reinforce impeccable polished alignment. Yoga is an ongoing practice that needs constant fine tuning as our bodies and body awareness change and evolve.

Mysore Classes at Maleny Ashtanga Yoga Shala Email:

Lot 7/19 Beechwood Road, Maleny:

start after/finish before

Sunday 10.30am/12pm with Ash Hope (free)

Monday from 8am/11am (free)

Wednesday 3.45pm/5.30pm (free)

Friday 8am/11am (free)

Mysore Classes at Maleny Mountain Yoga

Tuesday 6am/9am ($8)

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