All group classes are online at present.

90 minute Inner Awareness Class Monday 9.30-11am 

This class focuses on bringing the student in touch with inner sensation and self-understanding in order to be able to make safe, intuitive and appropriate choices, and to bring about balance in the body-mind. Different elements of Yoga are incorporated to give the student the ability to create a home practice that is satisfying and empowering.

6o minute Therapeutic Movement Class Thursday 8.45-9.45am 

This class helps to bring the student into the felt sensations of the body in optimum patterns of movement. Many problems in the body start with the mind, and from there, habitual movement patterns that can result in pain and discomfort. This class aims at helping the student to feel into movement patterns, observe sensations and emotions and work on bringing about some balance and ease.

Join Online Classes

The yoga is free but website, equipment and education is expensive. Donations towards online classes are humbly appreciated. This helps us to cover costs for website, vimeo and zoom subscriptions, recording equipment, ongoing education and time. Please feel free to make a contribution, according to your means.  You can find bank account details on the contact page or you can donate via paypal by clicking above. 

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Witta, QLD.


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