Classes at Maleny Mountain Yoga:

All classes are suited to each individual’s ability and needs. Students are encouraged to work within their own limits. Please bring a fluffy towel if you have one and I will show you how to turn it into an object of bliss!


Monday Morning 9.30am-11pm

with Tracy Maleny Showgrounds Exhibition Hall (next to gym). $15 Bring blanket in cooler months. 

Monday Evening 5.15pm-6.30pm 

This class is suited to most levels… Each class goes for 90 minutes and has a spinal health focus. Restorative and relaxation postures with music and sound immersion therapy to be expected! You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and limber. $10.


Tai Chi with Tony

Tai Chi with Tony. Tony has over 20 years experience in teaching Tai Chi Yang Style. He continues to study under Tai Chi master Ahtee Chia who comes from a lineage dating back to the 1700's. This grounding, moving meditative style is recommended for all, regardless of previous experience. Now Online or by appointment.

Online Classes

We now offer online classes for everyone to access. Sometimes there just isnt enough time to attend a class, and sometimes it doesnt fit into a tight budget. These classes are updated regularly. Whether you want to practice for an hour, or 10 minutes, there is something to suit you. Why not start the 30 day 10 minutes a day practice? You will definitely notice the benefits of a short time each day rather than a long time each week. Give it a go. Registration is free and pay by donation to suit your budget.

Private Classes  Private classes are on one or small groups (up to 8 students minimum of 4). $25 per person 2-4. $20 per person 4+

423 Maleny-Kenilworth Road.

Witta, QLD.


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