These days the practice of yoga has reached cult status. More people in the west than ever before are taking to the yoga mat. This is a wonderful thing because science is showing us that yoga is beneficial in so many ways. Too many to mention in this blog. Modern technology has made yoga so much more accessible to all of us. Information is abundant, we can do online yoga classes, courses, workshops, listen to podcasts, watch it on you tube, download apps onto our devices, hear about festivals, challenges, and all the rest. People are making yoga their new career choice. Studios are churning out yoga teachers by the thousands. We can go to Bali for a “three week intensive” and come home a ful

Dr. Vidwan Vijaya Kumar coming to Maleny Mountain Yoga

Guruji has been granted a visa at last and is coming to us from India on Thursday June 22nd, 2017. We are so excited about the arrival of our friend and teacher from Pandeshwar in the southern state of Kerala, India. Dr. Vijaya Manja has a PhD in Yoga Studies, is a Brahmin priest who has been raised in a family of yogis with ties to Krishnamacharya. He studied in a famous gurukula of Sringeri and in Mysore Sanskrit College from where he graduated with a vidvan degree in Nyaya and Vedanta philosophies. He has been travelling and teaching around Asia and Europe, but this is his first trip to Australia. He is a scholar, a yogi, a priest and a householder and runs his own yogagurukula in Pande

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