Back Therapy

It today's world, back problems have become alarmingly ubiquitous. Our spine begins it's decline in our 20's, and along with the aging process, the assault of our habitual posture patterns and sedentary lifestyles will take it's toll on our spine. If you are over 30 and have no back problems, you are probably in the minority. Yoga has been shown in studies to have very positive effects on spinal health. When taught and practised safely, yoga postures can bring relief to a sore back, and prevent the situation

from becoming worse by strengthening supporting muscles, stretching and releasing tight spots, and creating space between the vertebrae to allow for safe movement of the spine. This gentle class is aimed at those with ongoing back issues after the acute phase has passed. Tracy Wootton is a qualified yoga therapist and has designed this class with common back problems in mind. In this class we aim to gently release tired and sore muscles and promote core strength to support the back. The class finishes with a restorative supported relaxation. A simple regime to do at home is provided.




Please note, if you have serious spinal injuries such as disc prolapse, ankylising spondylosis, osteoporotic spinal fracture, spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis, you should see a physician or physiotherapist before attending a yoga class. One on one Yoga Therapy sessions are avalable for more focused attention.

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